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Second Nature

News just in, I recently mentioned, Second Nature a new online Journal, being published by R.M.I.T, and wondered abut images for it. After contacting the editor, it turns out they are looking for images.

Go ahead, give it a go.

Insomnia #1 2008 : The story of Stuart Murdoch's life
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

This service I signed up for some time ago, not really sure what it did, and upon revisiting last month I discovered it's like a giant feed off all your other web activities, like tumbler only more personal.

Slide Show Feature

Blogger has just added a neat little slide show feature that allows you to run a slide show in the sidebar of your blog, all you need is an account with someone like flickr or paint-bucket or picassa, and away you go.

Woo Hoo

Once again, a big thanks to Andrew for helping me fix a problem or two here on my blog.

Now I can post from my favourite blog editor MarsEdit, a piece of software developed by Newsgator



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