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4over3 Statistics


I am currently conducting, an online experiment with a group of other photographers, using iPhones, on a site called, 4over3. By all accounts it seems to be going well.

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Here's some boring stats from my flickr stats page.

I wish there was an easy way to find all these images and add them to groups and add tags etc.

Image Usage

Since flickr enabled their users to turn on stats for their accounts it's been interesting to see where some of the traffic comes from on my photostream

One of those sources is a site called, they are one of several sites out there, pulling data from flickr and allowing users to search for images based on the creative commons idea of sharing images. While this site accounts for less than 1% of my total views, it's good to see that tagging pays off even if people are looking at my stream for reasons other than artistic merit.

Flickr Stats

Yah! Flickr has stats now, more info on their help page.



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