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Polaroid Is Not Dead

Polapremium, sends out a weekly e-mail. This week's really caught my eye. In particular, this line;

In order to shorten the waiting period until the premiere of our new Impossible film,

The impossible film project has been burbling along now quite nicely for some time, in an attempt to resurrect film for vintage Polaroid cameras, now we finally have a a timeframe to look forward to. Hurry up please Polaroid project , I know many many folks here in Oz, who are very keen to buy some film.

This just in in my inbox.

PolaPremium is more than delighted and proud to announce the opening of the very first pure PolaPemium Shop in Berlin. This is our first step into the challenge of presenting our beloved analogue products not only online at, but offline as well. On our continuing mission to celebrate the magic of instant photography, we take our first baby-steps to develop and build a worldwide network of selected authorised PolaPremium partners. The new shop in Berlin is the shining starting point of our offline adventures and based on the experiences we collected and will collect there, we will soon start to search for more retailers and partners all over the world. So please stay tuned.

Things are looking up for Polaroid products, eh.


yehaaaa it's thong season

On an unrelated note:-
Have a Polaroid?
Want to keep on shooting with it?
Want a Polaroid?
This is the website for you then

Roid Rage Ends

Tis Fin.

Now enjoy it in all it's surround sound splendour

where dreams are shattered.....

Desert Polaroid

More from the roid rage project.

Roid Rage.....

A continuing series, of glimpses of my Polaroid project as it gets uploaded.

I am over halfway now in the scanning and processing, thankfully Photoshop™ has a nice set of features allowing a level of automation that alleviates the drudgery of resizing and converting file formats.


Roid Rage Begins

The first of many.

Flickr Meet for September '06

Scootie & Joe & Kerryn

At the September Flickr meet, I whipped out my 5 x 4 camera and some old Polaroid film I'd had lying around since 1996. Quite pleased with the results, bit disappointed that I managed to somehow break the Polaroid back. Still I think this is my favourite as it has the surfaces and edges of a true Polaroid. And the looks and interactions of the folks involved is priceless.

For the record, we have from left to right, Melbourne's 3 most notorious flickrnauts:- Scootie, Los Cardinarlos, and Kerryn. Thanks to you guys and thanks to the other flickrnauts who volunteered to have their portraits taken by me, it was a truly special moment, look at my sets in my flickr stream and see how many are 'portraits, you'll see why. [fwiw, 100 portraits oout of nearly 3000 photos?]

Despite all this I wanna do it again. Any more volunteers?



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