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Worlds Apart

tale of 2 cities kinda?
Here's the rough scan from the roll of colour neg 120 sent to me by Jakes World, from the USA.

Still processing the final scans, 4 in total, will upload in the next few days. This is part of the Tale of 2 Cities pool/project. A great idea where chance meets intention, one photographer somewhere in the world shoots a roll of film, it is then sent on to another photographer somewhere else in the world, who rewinds the film, if it is 120, and runs it through a camera in their own city. Resulting in a roll of film that has been double exposed, with 2 sets of images worlds apart. Creating some surreal and wierd results. I am suitbaly impressed by the registration of the two shoots. The alignment of the shots is impressive given that we both used holga cameras. The randomness is intriguing it would be interesting to try and print a couple of them up to see the results.



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