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I am thinking of resurrecting, an old photo blog. More news as it comes to hand.

News, that's not really news

I follow Photojojo on twitter, they claim something, I've been suspecting all along, the most commonly used camera on flickr, is no longer a DSLR. No surprises for me, but what strikes me as the most intriguing is,

"Now that many of our phones have cameras that take photos that really are good enough for most situations, and our capacity to take photos (without worry for film cost or memory space) is nearly limitless, expect our usage of photography to continue to shift in this direction — from dedicated cameras to always-present devices. From special occasions, to everyday documentation."


... are here to stay

But what of the implications, for the future of image making?

This image of the inauguration of President Obama, speaks volumes.

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Mophone Research

Just discovered one of my flickr contacts, who also blogs, using a mobile phone camera, wrote Masters on 'Moleskine to Mobile : How Creative Professionals are Using Their Mobile', back in 2006.

Facebook Albums

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but once a week I upload 7 photos from my hard-drive to facebook, seven photos only, some weeks it's hard, this week in particular, others it's even harder, if I didn't shoot much during the week. This; on top of my daily posting direct from my phone which requires a different approach to selecting.

Is Photography Dead?

Phonecam Workshop 2007

During the year I, as an experiment ran an elective, a workshop on Phone camera photography. Finally enough of the work has been handed in for me to complete the website. Have a look and see for yourselves.

Flickr, the Evolution...

Well at, well over 2 years down the track on Flickr, I've begun to notice a change in how I use the service. These days it seems to be all about muckin' around with other flickr users in the DBOLRL pool, a place where smart alek's get together and cast meaningless votes on images made with low rez image capture devices

What I'm doing nowadays is uploading an image or two, making them "private" and once it has been through the grist of DBOLRL opening it up to public scrutiny

A far cry from my early days where I my mindset was coming from some other angle... what I actually can't remember. Still it's all good clean fun and who knows maybe, someone in the future will find these cyber-footprints of mine amusing or enlightening.

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I've been busy in the darkroom of late, but I am starting to think about a new workshop looking at Phone cameras and online publishing, as the new school year looms.

Without my camera phone I could have not made this image, would I have even contemplated making it without my little Sony Ericsson k610i?

Does anyone have any thoughts about their phone cameras [or phone cameras in general], has either of my readers changed their approach to their image making because of them, or are they just a chintzy little tool to be used selectively for a lo-fi grab when a bigger camera is not available?



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