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Digital Turning Point?

This weekend I had some hardware failures. And because some technology has moved forward, ie firewire 400, I've had to rethink my approach to organising my digital files which until now, was doing fine.

Luckily no data has been lost, just the means of access has been made less convenient. Now, I need to weigh up how much digital content I need to carry everywhere, i.e. all classes and for personal use, and how much can just sit at home and be used and accessed from there?

My music collection has of course grown exponentially too, and it is now at the point where I can only use it in its entirety on some kind of disk. It is sitting at the 200gig mark.

So; two thoughts are now running through my mind. I have a large photographic project/idea that I want to shoot on film that I've been waiting to get the ball rolling on, and I've lost a bit of interest in many aspects of my cyber online image making, compounded by the usual disk space/hardware issues we are all plagued with. Do I try and juggle both, or focus on one to the detriment of the other?To add fuel to the fire, I am reading 'On Being A Photographer, David Hurn in conversation with Bill Jay'. This is more than fortuitous, and ratifies my desire to start the new project.

The light at this time of year is unbeatable, and, I know now is the time to start this new project so I feel that this is where my energies will now head. Mind you, the project is not intended to be completed for some years, so who knows, maybe I can keep a foot in both camps for a while yet.

Gary from recently drew my attention to the this website,, the site came from a frustration with sites that didin't display large format images. It also seeks submissions.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

It has some excellent work on display, including series of images that look at the destruction of subway cars, car racing and hidden 'landscapes' of New York.

A New Year; a New Change?

2009 back catalogue
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

This is a screen grab from iView Media Pro, it shows I have 108 images from 2009, queued up for upload,to flickr. My 2008 file has 34 also awaiting upload to flickr. Making a total of 142 images. Based on a loose regime of 3 images uploaded a week I have 47 weeks worth of images to upload. This is only counting my phone-camera, there are a few from my Nikon Coolpix 3700 and my Vistaquest to upload as well.

As I head into my 5th year of using flickr, looking back things have changed, changed dramatically. When I first started using flickr, I would upload almost daily, and spend innumerable hours connecting with all the other great people I'd 'meet'. Now, I have to remember to upload and some weeks it takes me so long to pick, which images to add, to keep the flow happening in my stream, I give up and leave it for a few days. Fortunately the altfotonet group still has some outstanding stuff, as does several others, where some cross posting occurs. Other changes to my online activity come from external sources like twitter and facebook. Now if I could just find a way to get paid for all my online activity?

Glossy; yet Dull

I want to share a couple of sites with you, if memory serves me, I found them either using boing boing, or my news-reader. Firstly a body of work in the vein of Stephen Shore, by Tim Carpenter, I like the work but it just doesn't seem to have the strenght of Shore's work, maybe it's the light, not sure, nor does it seem to have a cohesive depth? Secondly, yet another, photography re-contextualsing the Dutch Painters, this work by Julie Blackmon, is a prime example of the 'cold' and intellectual style that made Anne Zahallka a name in Australia in the 80's, despite this, some of the images, are indeed quirky and slightly edgy.

Second Nature

News just in, I recently mentioned, Second Nature a new online Journal, being published by R.M.I.T, and wondered abut images for it. After contacting the editor, it turns out they are looking for images.

Go ahead, give it a go.

Journals and Magazines?


Unless you've been living under a rock of late, announced it would be closing this week.

This appears to have spurred a flurry of activity in the blogosphere, according to the a photoeditor blog. Plenty of opinions to boot as to why it folded. Personally I have no idea, other than perhaps the market can't handle an online and a print publication? The idea seemed great at the start from my perspective, but never sat that well with me, I wish it had continued, as I'm all for giving everyone a shot.

In other news, [thanks to poodly on flickr, who writes junk for code]RMIT, has set up an online journal, called Second Nature, and is taking scholarly submissions, of text, no word on images yet?



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