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Light Floods

glow in the lounge

New Ipernity Set

We are fortunate to have a northerly aspect in our backyard. This means the light sweeps across the yard transforming the view at certain times of the day and an year into something that is a sight to behold. I often use is as test area for cameras, for kinda obvious reasons I guess. As a result I now have kicked off a new small idea.

IMG 1961

In Retrospect...

…some ideas just aren't as good as they first seemed?

Was it my small camera's inability to really capture all the detail I wanted? Was it the moved tripod? I will sit on this one for a few days, we'll see…

The Idea that didn't work

Edit, here's all 34 shots



More shots from the North Carlton Laneway over the weekend

Light 'n Texture

More from a recent wander down the lanes of north Carlton



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