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Geeked Out

Have spent all of today fine tuning and surfing, in the process I've discovered the following:-

  • Safari 3.0 Beta has been released
  • There's Ad blocking software out there for Safari, but only Version 2
  • Several more blogs and links on photography
  • Newswire, and Netnewswire are the two big guns for news reading online.

I also managed to write a simple Mo-phone Manifesto, I'll maybe upload or share it in some way soon.

GUI gripes?

snap gui

I have not been using snap a great deal, and here's a picture that tries to explain why. How much of this sluggish performance is my computer and how much it is the site and how much is it the interwebs itself?

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Colour & Flock

Well a simple test seems to indicate that Flock like Firefox doesn't use colorsync like Safari, ah well.

Safari & Flock Compared

Flock The Browser For Web 2.0


Been Using Flock a fair bit of late, hats off to Lord Of The Flies over on flickr for prompting me to give it another go.

Flock's flickr stream bar

This browser is very much geared towards to Web 2.0 and the social aspect of the internet.

Flickr forms a major part in it's design and use, along with delicious, blogging and of course news feeds. Clicking on a small icon that appears in the bottom right corner of any photo on flickr allows you to launch that person's stream at the top of the browser window and then very quickly scroll across it to see what's new in thumbnail form. If something grabs you you can click on it to view the larger picture and entire page below.

Flock Uploader

It has a built in photo-uploader, that allows quick and easy uploading directly from it's interface. Tagging is real easy and adding to your own sets is an easy next step after adding a title description and tags.

Flock Snippets Bar

Another great feature is the snippets bar at the bottom of the screen, here you can store text and images for later use.

Flock & Bookmarking

Bookmarking has built right in, this took me a little while to realise but was most likely due to my own ignorance more than poor design on flock's part. You can choose to share or not to share your bookmark/s as you work.

All in all this browser is shaping up to be a good all-rounder. I wish however that the curser when clicked around on the screen didn't keep disappearing, and I have yet to test flock for colour fidelity.

Upcoming Photo Exhibition


Thanks to the interwebs and word of mouth by one of my students, I have some work showing in Melbourne.

The Discarded Object Poster Project, which both myself and barb have submitted work to, will be opening Tuesday 12th, at Bus Gallery Passenger Studio Space, 117 Lt Lonsdale St, 6 - 8 pm.The show runs, until Sunday 17th December. Tours to view the posters around the city will take place on Wednesday 13th and Sat 16th at 12pm, leaving from Bus Gallery.

I never would have thought that word of mouth and the internet would have played a part in my creative output


Things have begun to go into warp drive around here soon, keep an eye on my old blog to see what may pan out.

Things are being made worse by a lack of interwebs at work, thanks to technical problems from our ISP, what did we do before computers and the internet became so pervasive?

I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry... Or...

...or, “ There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's NOT being talked about.”

According to the Age, the public are getting on on the act of the Paparazzi by using their mobile phones to snap Celebrities in action on the streets.

"The paparazzi are now everywhere," declares The Sunday Times, reporting on a new British photo agency called that deals in camera-phone snaps of celebrities picking their noses and otherwise trying to get on with their lives.

I have mixed feelings about this. Do celebrities have the right to privacy or would they rather be ignored?

If they have hit the big time and are milking the gravy train then why shouldn't some humble Jane or Joe, cash in on it as well?

Fame, or is that infamy, in the 21st century is a complicated thing, something sought by many, look at Big Brother for example and Australian Idol, yet lasting fame is not easy to achieve, who were the others who didn't win the first BB in 2000 for example?


Personally I enjoy my mobile phone's camera for the creative potential it offers me, if I try and make a portrait with it for example, I'm usually upfront and people I point it at are aware of it's limitations and act accordingly. The whole reason I use it for portraiture. The ability to quickly and easily record fleeting moments is also a bonus for me, coupled with it's limitations in exposure and focus and D.O.F, I'm more than happy to admit that rarely a masterpiece will come from it. But there is still something intriguing about an image made this way.

Creative ideas aside, it has the potential to become a real cultural issue.

Old Geek news...

... a blog, by Google, aimed at Mac users

Online Publishing

I have had an image used over on, one buried deep in my stream and like so many in 2005 hardly viewed or posted to many groups, thanks to trapped in a suit it gets to see the light of day.


Woo Hoo

Once again, a big thanks to Andrew for helping me fix a problem or two here on my blog.

Now I can post from my favourite blog editor MarsEdit, a piece of software developed by Newsgator



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