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Analog Printing


I was fortunate recently to spend some time in my darkroom at home. A rare treat, and a fruitful exercise, a surprising one in one sense too. Surprising in that I have no planned exhibitions on the horizon.

One of the joys of printing in a wet darkroom context is the sense of isolation, unless it is a communal darkroom. With that isolation comes, time to think, watching a print slosh around in a tray of chemistry allows your mind to wander, and wonder. I often concoct titles and other snippets of text for and about the images I'm printing in this situation. All of this is of course compounded by the fact, I need to write these things down, before I forget them, and this is one of the few times on the last 3 or 4 years where I have returned to my hard copy journal.

Hard copy journals, or sometimes visual diaries are the back bone of many art courses and Artists sketch books can be as revealing as the work they produce. My journal has suffered badly over the years, I keep and organise almost all my creative ideas and input using a variety of disconnected computer based systems and applications.

Has this impacted on my ability to focus on projects, perhaps, I know it hampers my ability to see connections in my work when I am not able to have a tactile process in place that allows me to look and see photographs side by side.

I have no idea what this all means, but I do know, that a large creative outburst maybe on the horizon.

More Online Experiments

Today, saw the creation of a new collaborative project, shared between myself and 3 other iPhone users. The project is hosted by posterus, and is called We all share a similar approach to picture making and have a similar regard for the web and its ability to share regardless of time, place or space. Where it will go I have no idea, we are spread across the globe, 1 in Asia, 1 in Europe and 2 in Australia. I may consider expanding the project to include one or two more people, contact me if you have a passion for picture making, regardless of device, and can afford to connect to the web anywhere anytime.

I also signed onto the site, an online site dedicated to sharing of iPhone pictures.

While we are on the topic of Posterous, I've begun using the space as, another small gallery for spontaneous projects as they occur.

Sellers Art Prize

Art Season is kicking off big time! Along with this show, there is the Melbourne Art Fair, and It's Not fair.

Albert Camus, novelist and Nobel Prize laureate, once said: 'After many years, during which I saw many things, what I know most surely about morality and the duty of man I owe to sport'.

Not everyone would agree that sport is the key to understanding human experience. But it's certainly true that Australians connect sport with anything from community life and personal achievement through to historical and political controversies.

[From Sellers Art Prize]

So much on; so little time!

Sydney Biennale 2010

Fisrt Edit Sydney 2010 [Biennale]
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I quickly visited Sydney on Friday and Saturday, an exhaustive and exhausting 2 days of art food and walking! I didn't shoot as much as I would have liked, but, here is the first edit, from my time up there.

More on the Biennale itself later.

Here's a small slideshow, roughly cut together using sampled sounds from Credits to the following for sharing their samples/sounds and allowing them to be re-sampled, DJ Chronos, gleeman,j uskiddink.

Artitsts Wanted Dot Org

Artists Wanted
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I have submitted images for consideration to either competitions or exhibitions to both the CCP and an American organisation called, Artists Wanted recently. The outcomes of both of these submissions won't be known for at least 2 or 3 months, so in the meantime, I sit and wait.... oh and make more images. The Artists Wanted competition/exhibition allows, public voting on each artists gallery, while the work is individually judged on its merits, so feel free to swing by and vote on my gallery.

Projects - Planning

It is becoming apparent to me that, as I shoot more of the new Doorways to the West Project, I find more to shoot, which leads to the next question , how big will this project get, what form will it ultimately take?

As I review and edit, the numbers change; usually down, and I have currently 30+ images suitable I feel for printing and exhibiting, this will grow as I scout other nearby areas for more imagery.


Two Projects

Today, I have begun the ball rolling for two projects, an application for a PhD, and a show at the CCP. The show application, will focus on a body of work, I shot recently and may form a larger project, over time; one day a book I hope. The PhD, is at such an early developmental stage, I am reading a book that will help me decide where to go., the book is entitled, The Craft of Research. It has already proved to be a great help.

New Flickr Feature

Flickr has introduced a new feature, allowing each person to take another's work and "curate' it into a cyber-show all on it's own. The implications are far reaching, I for one am excited, _barb_ has an example of a great series of street photography.


Almost back in one piece, been processing some of the digital images I made whilst away in July.

The film shots too will surface soon, when; I'm not sure, I am sure however that I plan on trying to have another solo show, in the next 2 years. Firstly I need to make hard copy proof sheets to see what I've got, this set on flickr has some beginnings I think, then, after I've edited the body of work, I'll choose between Type C or ink-jet prints.

Watch this space. In the interim, I'll have to write another series of proposals.

Toshihiro Oshima & Velco Dojcinovski present:
CONVERSATIONS - a three part series of photographic dialogue.

Part 1: The Absinthe Dream (Melbourne, Australia)

CONVERSATIONS is a three-part series of a photographic visual dialogue between photographers Toshihiro Oshima and Velco Dojcinovski. The complete series of visual dialogue will be progressively shown in 3 different cities around the world over 3 years, each highlighting a different photographic story. Overlayed with a bonding and comforting mood the photographs of the series glimpse into the similarities and differences of the cultures and styles of both photographers, aiming to weave a visual symphony of moods and tales


Part 1: The Absinthe Dream is the opening chapter of the series and follows the green dreams of a woman at the end of a long city night. The photographs depict her disturbed and abstract glimpses of memory and subconsciousness, the city she lives in and the people she's been with, breaking away into a bright daydream. Photographed in Melbourne, Tokyo and throughout Asia and Europe in 2008 and 2009, the photographers exclusively used traditional and analogue equipment and a wide range of mediums.

CONVERSATIONS Part 1: The Absinthe Dream will be showing at
McCulloch Gallery, 8 Rankins Lane Melbourne,
Friday March 13th - Sunday March 22nd

More information?

Velco, is one of the Melbourne Flickrati, and a contact of mine. I will visit the show, and possibly report back.

Tyranny of Distance

The tyranny of distance, and idea proposed by, Geoffrey Blainey, is to some extent still in place, and sometimes the internet amplifies it, other times it diminishes it. Sometimes, both.

These exhibitions all look interesting, I found out about them via the internet, but of course it is not possible for me to visit any of them.

Of course seeing screen versions of these images, if the galleries in question have an online exhibition, in no way replaces the experience of seeing them in the flesh.

Or does it?

A Conversation with Joshua Lutz (Conscientious)

A few days ago, I mentioned a reference to a body of work, by a Photographer, who had published the work in a book many years earlier on an area called Meadowlands, well today I discover that another photographer has spent 10 years working in the same area, and, has also published a book and an exhibition. This time however in colour. Joel over at Conscientious, has interviewed the photographer

Joshua Lutz just had Meadowlands published, after spending ten years on the project. His book (and recent show) had me curious about the background of the project, and I approached Joshua to talk about it.

I'd be curious to chat to Joshua and see how much the place had changed, and if Ray Mortensen's work had any influence on him, or the idea?

Max Dupain on Assignment [Exhibition]

This looks like it will be worth a visit

A new photographic exhibition featuring many never seen before works by legendary Australian photographer, Max Dupain (1911-92) is opening for the first time at the Victorian Archives Centre.

Victorian Archives Centre 99 Shiel Street North Melbourne

Glossy; yet Dull

I want to share a couple of sites with you, if memory serves me, I found them either using boing boing, or my news-reader. Firstly a body of work in the vein of Stephen Shore, by Tim Carpenter, I like the work but it just doesn't seem to have the strenght of Shore's work, maybe it's the light, not sure, nor does it seem to have a cohesive depth? Secondly, yet another, photography re-contextualsing the Dutch Painters, this work by Julie Blackmon, is a prime example of the 'cold' and intellectual style that made Anne Zahallka a name in Australia in the 80's, despite this, some of the images, are indeed quirky and slightly edgy.


Is this not the time of year that folks make lists? Given my list would be something along the lines of process film, make prints create new e-book/s, shoot more film, it'd be pretty boring. So I'm not writing one.

On another side note, the two prints I had in the show recently at Gallery 124 in Sunshine sold, thanks to Chris and Paul and the person who bought them whoever you are? As a consequence I've decided to print the entire body of work, entitled maps, as a series of small silver gelatin prints. So this gives me a year or so to find a space and make the prints.

Human Rights Arts Festival


‘Apropos - Human Rights in Art’ brings together international, national and community based artists to explore how contemporary practice can articulate and illuminate issues of human rights.

Apropos presents a wide range of mediums and approaches used by contemporary artists to critically respond to current human rights issues and the role of art within that dialogue. Including collaborative and community based projects, Apropos actively engages with the broader community and facilitates the artistic expression of those directly affected by human rights violations.

The works in Apropos respond to a diverse range of human rights issues including freedom from discrimination, environmental issues, refugees, poverty, labour rights, indigenous issues, humanitarian conflict and freedom of expression.

Participating artists include:

  • Zehra Ahmed (NSW)
  • Clifford Charles (South Africa)
  • Claudia Del Fierro (Chile)
  • Juan Ford (VIC)
  • Alex Gibson (VIC)
  • Matthew Hunt (WA)
  • Raafat Ishak (VIC)
  • Ash Keating (VIC)
  • Deborah Kelly & Tina
  • Fiveash (NSW)
  • Andrew Mcqualter (VIC)
  • Leonardo Ortega (Chile)
  • Mark Hilton (VIC)
  • Scott Redford (QLD)
  • Christian Thompson (VIC)
  • Culture Kitchen Collective (ACT)
  • Gembel Collective (East Timor)
  • Taring Padi Collective (Indonesia)
  • StART Community Artists (VIC)
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
  • Community Art Project (VIC)

BUS Gallery 117 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne, Films Screening @ RMIT Capitol Theatre 113 Swanston St Melbourne.

#4 For 2007

Hanging Exhibition #4 2007

Gallery 124 in Sunshine are having a X-mas Show, I have some new work and some old work in the show. The old work is from a couple of shows I had in the early 90's and 2 of the pieces are from the yet to be completed series, Maps. Given the response to the Maps pieces I may well try and finish printing the work and exhibit it in either 2008, or 2009.

The Show runs until 21st of December 2007, the gallery is at 124 Hampshire Rd Sunshine.

Under Graduate Photography Exhibitions

This is the time of year, where many of the major art schools around Melbourne have there under graduate exhibitions. The RMIT Fine Art Photography Graduate Exhibition is on at Red Gallery Contemporary Art Space, 157 St. Georges Rd. Nth. Fitzroy until the 1st of December, I highly recommend it. Gallery Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 12-6pm. Red Gallery's phone number 9482 3550.



While researching some idea for titles for my solo show in March, I noticed that my own set for the show, ranks number 10 in the google listings, yesterday anyways.

What a pleasant surprise. Hope it helps with the publicity?

Exhibition Dates

A correction.

Sitting here at home today, designing my catalogue for my solo show, 'Across the River Styx' I realised I originally posted the wrong dates.

The correct dates are:-
21st of March, to the 7th of April 2007.
Trocadero Art Space, Level 1, 119 Hopkins St,
9687 6110

Opening night is the 24th of March.

Once I have completely finished the catalogue, I will upload a pdf file for either of my readers, who might like to see it.



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