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Sellers Art Prize

Art Season is kicking off big time! Along with this show, there is the Melbourne Art Fair, and It's Not fair.

Albert Camus, novelist and Nobel Prize laureate, once said: 'After many years, during which I saw many things, what I know most surely about morality and the duty of man I owe to sport'.

Not everyone would agree that sport is the key to understanding human experience. But it's certainly true that Australians connect sport with anything from community life and personal achievement through to historical and political controversies.

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So much on; so little time!

Artitsts Wanted Dot Org

Artists Wanted
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I have submitted images for consideration to either competitions or exhibitions to both the CCP and an American organisation called, Artists Wanted recently. The outcomes of both of these submissions won't be known for at least 2 or 3 months, so in the meantime, I sit and wait.... oh and make more images. The Artists Wanted competition/exhibition allows, public voting on each artists gallery, while the work is individually judged on its merits, so feel free to swing by and vote on my gallery.

Projects - Planning

It is becoming apparent to me that, as I shoot more of the new Doorways to the West Project, I find more to shoot, which leads to the next question , how big will this project get, what form will it ultimately take?

As I review and edit, the numbers change; usually down, and I have currently 30+ images suitable I feel for printing and exhibiting, this will grow as I scout other nearby areas for more imagery.


Two Projects

Today, I have begun the ball rolling for two projects, an application for a PhD, and a show at the CCP. The show application, will focus on a body of work, I shot recently and may form a larger project, over time; one day a book I hope. The PhD, is at such an early developmental stage, I am reading a book that will help me decide where to go., the book is entitled, The Craft of Research. It has already proved to be a great help.

New Flickr Feature

Flickr has introduced a new feature, allowing each person to take another's work and "curate' it into a cyber-show all on it's own. The implications are far reaching, I for one am excited, _barb_ has an example of a great series of street photography.

Toshihiro Oshima & Velco Dojcinovski present:
CONVERSATIONS - a three part series of photographic dialogue.

Part 1: The Absinthe Dream (Melbourne, Australia)

CONVERSATIONS is a three-part series of a photographic visual dialogue between photographers Toshihiro Oshima and Velco Dojcinovski. The complete series of visual dialogue will be progressively shown in 3 different cities around the world over 3 years, each highlighting a different photographic story. Overlayed with a bonding and comforting mood the photographs of the series glimpse into the similarities and differences of the cultures and styles of both photographers, aiming to weave a visual symphony of moods and tales


Part 1: The Absinthe Dream is the opening chapter of the series and follows the green dreams of a woman at the end of a long city night. The photographs depict her disturbed and abstract glimpses of memory and subconsciousness, the city she lives in and the people she's been with, breaking away into a bright daydream. Photographed in Melbourne, Tokyo and throughout Asia and Europe in 2008 and 2009, the photographers exclusively used traditional and analogue equipment and a wide range of mediums.

CONVERSATIONS Part 1: The Absinthe Dream will be showing at
McCulloch Gallery, 8 Rankins Lane Melbourne,
Friday March 13th - Sunday March 22nd

More information?

Velco, is one of the Melbourne Flickrati, and a contact of mine. I will visit the show, and possibly report back.

Tyranny of Distance

The tyranny of distance, and idea proposed by, Geoffrey Blainey, is to some extent still in place, and sometimes the internet amplifies it, other times it diminishes it. Sometimes, both.

These exhibitions all look interesting, I found out about them via the internet, but of course it is not possible for me to visit any of them.

Of course seeing screen versions of these images, if the galleries in question have an online exhibition, in no way replaces the experience of seeing them in the flesh.

Or does it?



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