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Cyber Nomad?

It's been an interesting experience for me since starting blogging, way back, when. I've moved platforms twice so far, and now again for a third time, my general photographic musings for the time being shall shift to, my tumblr, until, some other platform with superior qualities comes along.

New Blogs

Having had an unusual outburst of creativity this week, I've managed to keep the ball rolling.

I've been mulling this idea over for a while now and today seemed the perfect day to put them into place. I had 2 small galleries originally a subset of, but after realising that the layout/setup wasn't doing my ideas any justice, I decided to create whole new blogs for each idea, then upload directly to each.

This I have done.

One blog is called Facing North, the other, Work Zone.

My blog called facing north was inspired by the way the light sweeps across our backyard, and while I could use film, film doesn't allow for the spontaneity that digital allows.

The Work Zone idea was borne out of the way posterous so easily allowed me to upload images from my iPhone, again the layout/settings got in the way once I got over 20 or so images in a 'gallery'. So another blog was born.

So add these two sites to your favourite newsreader, hang on it's going to be a long, but hopefully smooth ride


So I spent the morning here reading the online issue of the New York Times, with particular attention to the arts section. Very disappointed I was, so I flipped over to one of my favourite archives of modernist theory American Suburb X. Some great articles, and worth a read, even if you feel modernism is dead. My one complaint, well two really, the formatting of the pages is broken in places making reading off and difficult at times, and the line height of the text a little tight for my liking in Safari, anyway. The pages can be awfully slow too. A small price however for the sheer volume of information provided. A must for all those interested in photography's reach in the late modernist period of art history.

I just wonder how the publishers of American suburb X are getting their hands on such material, while articles 6 to 10 years old may not be cutting edge, they certainly are still informative and when it comes to getting up to speed on post modernist theory,and a worthy leaping off point.

For anyone who cares, I'm reading some great books on Art photography, and creativity, at the moment.

Source has allowed me to draw some possibly dangerous parallels between my life and several of history's well known artists, such as Hemingway and O'Keefe. I have learnt some interesting things too about early digital images from the reconfigured eye.

Old Geek news...

... a blog, by Google, aimed at Mac users

Woo Hoo

Once again, a big thanks to Andrew for helping me fix a problem or two here on my blog.

Now I can post from my favourite blog editor MarsEdit, a piece of software developed by Newsgator



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