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Another View

Macworld critiques Photoshop CS5. Let's not forget about the hand that feeds it etc..

Sigh, bound to happen I guess?

[From Macsweeper - The first Mac adware/malware attack? - MacTalk Forums]

No need to bother really.

MJCP the editor is a funny guy:-

[From Weekend Edition: Ding Dong - Macworld Australia]

and it seems there is some speculation over a MAC owned and run stand alone store opening in Melbourne?

Candy Bar is is out!

[From Panic - CandyBar 3 - Change and Organize Your Mac OS X Icons and Dock]

for Leopard users only, still it looks good!

Colour & Flock

Well a simple test seems to indicate that Flock like Firefox doesn't use colorsync like Safari, ah well.

Safari & Flock Compared


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