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Digital Turning Point?

This weekend I had some hardware failures. And because some technology has moved forward, ie firewire 400, I've had to rethink my approach to organising my digital files which until now, was doing fine.

Luckily no data has been lost, just the means of access has been made less convenient. Now, I need to weigh up how much digital content I need to carry everywhere, i.e. all classes and for personal use, and how much can just sit at home and be used and accessed from there?

My music collection has of course grown exponentially too, and it is now at the point where I can only use it in its entirety on some kind of disk. It is sitting at the 200gig mark.

So; two thoughts are now running through my mind. I have a large photographic project/idea that I want to shoot on film that I've been waiting to get the ball rolling on, and I've lost a bit of interest in many aspects of my cyber online image making, compounded by the usual disk space/hardware issues we are all plagued with. Do I try and juggle both, or focus on one to the detriment of the other?To add fuel to the fire, I am reading 'On Being A Photographer, David Hurn in conversation with Bill Jay'. This is more than fortuitous, and ratifies my desire to start the new project.

The light at this time of year is unbeatable, and, I know now is the time to start this new project so I feel that this is where my energies will now head. Mind you, the project is not intended to be completed for some years, so who knows, maybe I can keep a foot in both camps for a while yet.



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