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Google Maps  - Refineries & Steelworks Hastings

This is an ariel view of some factories in Hastings, Victoria, Australia. The image as you can tell is, from google maps. I visited this place, after looking at this image on google maps a couple of days ago, before deciding to drive from there with a friend to make pictures. Sadly on the ground it was not that intersting and I only made a couple of perfunctory pictures.

Not long after making the pictures with my iPhone the usual happened, and a white ute shows up with a guy in a white shirt asking us what we were doing?"Why taking pictures of course." One of us had a 35mm DSLR in his hand so there wasn't much point in lying.

He then took our details, which included, my car registration. I even spelled it out for him, by telling him the year make model; AND colour of my car. I gave him my first name but refused to give my surname.

We drove off. Still looking for a good photographic angle on the large industrial tanks and other mechanical oddities that dotted the landscape in amongst the mashes and other vegetation. We thought little more of it, and left the area, with little to show for our efforts.

I dropped my friend off at his house, and started the long drive home, I live in the inner western suburbs, Hastings is over an hour away from my house. Not long after dropping my friend off, my phone rings, and fortunately, I had my hands free in. I answered the phone. A strange voice asks for me by name, it was a blocked number. "Odd I thought?" I identified myself and asked who it was, it was some police officer,Constable Woods from Frankston or Hastings police station. I was then asked in detail about my actions in and around Bayview Road, that afternoon. Why was I taking photos there, who else was with me, how did I find the site. Well those of you who know me, will know the answer to the first few questions and if you've read this far, you'll know the answer to the last question. It is a site easily located on google maps.

I know, I should be used to being harangued by bored and idiotic security guards by now, but hey, what else is a guy to do at home after a fruitless day of digital photography. The handful of film pictures I made will not be back from the lab for some time, and I'm not holding much hope for them either, as I just didn't feel I had my mojo on all day, and this inevitable run in with yet another buffoon has added to my general maliase about the pictures I made .

Still my friend was good company, and I enjoyed the scenery at both Point Nepean, National Park and the industrial areas of Hastings, look them up on google maps, I did.

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