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May 1, 2009

PolaPremuim, Opens a Bricks and Mortar Store

This just in in my inbox.

PolaPremium is more than delighted and proud to announce the opening of the very first pure PolaPemium Shop in Berlin. This is our first step into the challenge of presenting our beloved analogue products not only online at PolaPremium.com, but offline as well. On our continuing mission to celebrate the magic of instant photography, we take our first baby-steps to develop and build a worldwide network of selected authorised PolaPremium partners. The new shop in Berlin is the shining starting point of our offline adventures and based on the experiences we collected and will collect there, we will soon start to search for more retailers and partners all over the world. So please stay tuned.

Things are looking up for Polaroid products, eh.

May 3, 2009

Scanner Camera

Today, I am attempting to build a scanner camera, primarily for use in a class at work but just for my own curiosity, to see what kind of images I can make, I'm also thinking about an article that questions whether digital [onscreen] images can be art?

May 13, 2009


gallery or street?

This article, by a British writer is tired of Bansky, I can't help but wonder; the irony of his work being sold in galleries?

[...stumbling across his work in alleys and splashed on buildings throughout London. And occasionally the artist has created work both bracingly timely and incisive (‚ÄĚNOLA", is a particularly good example). But it is impossible to contain the raw energy of street art in a formal art space, where any anti-establishment strains in his work are bled away beneath the expensive track lighting.]

Isn't selling this kind of art in a gallery the height of cultural hypocrisy anyway?

Hat tip to AVD

May 23, 2009

Organising My Archives

archive lablels

Getting organised for the collection of Broadcast Media, using my eyeTV, and g5, I decided my archived CDs needed re-organising, it turns out I've been using a digital camera of some shape or form since 1999, 10 years folks, 10 years! I've been scanning longer of course, but as negatives, they need not be archived via CD. If you count 1998 as my start year in serious photography, this means over half of my time making images have been spent using a digital camera!

Of course 1/2 way though 2008, I got my 'DET leased' laptop that actually has a DVD burner, so that'll slow things down.

Not sure where external drives are going to fit into the equation, nor 'the cloud'.

May 31, 2009

iPhone/iPod remote

Using your ipod or iphone as a remote for certain devices is well known, but how about a remote control for your camera?

Using the software made by onOne, you can tether a Canon to a computer with the remote software installed, then using your iPod touch or iPhone, control all aspects of the hoot, and preview them 'live']

As gadgets go, this is really amazing, and yes I finally confess to being a gadget geek, but those of you who know me, knew that anyway.

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