Canon Eos 40D

Currently testing a new camera for work.

Current list of likes at the moment:

  • two, yes 2 types of histogram available, being a 2 mere button presses away
  • fast, AND quiet
  • thumb-wheel at the back of the body for aperture and separate one for shutter at front of camera, can be used to over and under expose in Av & Tv modes
  • simple menu set up
  • weight/feel, this is a real camera.
Current dislikes, not many at the moment
  • focusing/focus lock, I had to read the manual to work out how to use it, not bad, but not good in my opinion.
  • Lens, light and plastic feeling, focus seems too, touchy and fine, crucial at wide aperture.

After using the camera on and off, over the last few weeks, I'm very impressed, it seems simple to use and operate, I guess if I had some spare cash, I'd buy one. When trying to make some teaching aids for a class about exposure I did notice however some differences between [in density] 1.8 and the other apertures I used, but never got to the bottom of it.

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