Some exciting news.

Issue two of our gallery e/zine is slowly gathering momentum. We will look at 3 photographers, and one city, and see, how a place can inspire, motivate, & drive creative individuals. We'll also look at the commonalities & differences between each photographer's approach.

As part of my original idea to set up, I have lodged an application for an ISSN number. Which I did online over the weekend and am awaiting a response.

The altfotonet group on flickr and the blog are humming along nicely as well. Join the group if you like what you see there. If you feel you have something you want to say or add to the blog, by all means please do, contact me and I will set up an account for you.

Seaking of the altfotonet blog, this week's picture of the week is by barb, I chose it because it reminded me of Man Ray's Dust Breeding 1920. The formality of the composition belies the casualness of the scene, have a look, see what you think?

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