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April 5, 2009

New Flickr Meme?

So; it's been a while, but a new meme has emerged on flickr. According to the blog; a mere 6 weeks ago, this video introduction idea was started.


It has the potential to shift the focus; excuse the pun; of flickr entirely. This something that some people complained about with the introduction of video on flickr last year.

I gotta confess I'm a bit 'over' flickr's meme's, so I'm not planning on contributing, to this one.

If it takes off who knows where it'll go,though. From where I stand the emphasis will have shifted away from still images, to 'personalities'.

April 6, 2009


Some exciting news.

Issue two of our gallery e/zine is slowly gathering momentum. We will look at 3 photographers, and one city, and see, how a place can inspire, motivate, & drive creative individuals. We'll also look at the commonalities & differences between each photographer's approach.

As part of my original idea to set up altfotonet.org, I have lodged an application for an ISSN number. Which I did online over the weekend and am awaiting a response.

The altfotonet group on flickr and the alfotonet.org blog are humming along nicely as well. Join the group if you like what you see there. If you feel you have something you want to say or add to the blog, by all means please do, contact me and I will set up an account for you.

Seaking of the altfotonet blog, this week's picture of the week is by barb, I chose it because it reminded me of Man Ray's Dust Breeding 1920. The formality of the composition belies the casualness of the scene, have a look, see what you think?

April 7, 2009

Helen Levit Dies Aged 95

Missed this in my news reader last month,, Helen Levit has died age 95, here is the obituary in the NY Times

April 8, 2009

CCP Online

The CCP has joined the 21st Century, and now publishes it's quarterly online. Complete with blogging, feedback and track backs.

They even have RSS links, and an option to subscribe via e-mail, another reason to open my RSS reader more often.

Well done CCP.

April 13, 2009


Soon to show Sony 2008 Photography Awards. Opening night, 14th of April, 7:30 -9:30pm, runs for 2 weeks

[From Obscura Gallery]

My apologies, as this is a flash driven site I can only link to the front page. Once there, click on either the right hand panel or the exhibitions link.

Thanks to "sergemarx" on twitter for the heads up.

April 14, 2009

Walker Evans & Postcards

Another Exhibition at the Met I would like to see.

This exhibition focuses on a collection of 9,000 picture postcards amassed and classified by the American photographer Walker Evans (1903-1975), now part of the Metropolitan's Walker Evans Archive.

The picture postcard represented a powerful strain of indigenous American realism that directly influenced Evans's artistic development. The dynamic installation of hundreds of American postcards drawn from Evans's collection will reveal the symbiotic relationship between Evans's own art and his interest in the style of the postcard.

This is also demonstrated with a selection of about a dozen of his own photographs printed in 1936 on postcard format photographic paper. Accompanied by a publication.

At least there is a slide show.

I like that The Met's Website, offers extensive background material on their artists too, along with a wealth of other information that is relative. Including a historical timeline

Postcards and books I've always found interesting, there's something delightful about an image designed to sit on your fridge, or just dash off a quick note to friends elsewhere.

V&A and Photography

The Victoria & ALbert Museum in London has a wonderful photography collection, when I was in London in 2004 I visited the gallery, looks like I need to to return, who says the tyranny of distance doesn't exist?

April 16, 2009

Robert Adams, Hasselblad Award

One of the major influences on my photographic direction has been justly awarded the Hasselblad prize. His influence stems not only from his photography as subject matter, but his writings as well. I have bought and read many of his books over the years, 2 of the most influential are,

Completely unfashionable in today's post modern world, but an ongoing inspiration for me no less.

This is my favorite quote regarding, the job I do to pay the bils.

"We can give beginners directions, about how to use a compass,we can tell them stories about our exploration of different but possibly analogous geographies, and we can bless them with our caring, but we cannot know the unknown and thus make sure the path to real discovery"1

1 Page 39, Why People Photograph.

How quickly we forget... how quickly.

April 18, 2009

Looking Back

Two Years; today:-


One Year today:-

Sunshine Melbourne Victoria Australia 2008:04:13 16:28:19

It's been a while since I did this.

It's no coincidence that I uploaded 2 mophone shots. Looking at my 'organiser' on flickr, I see a few shots, around April 2007, where I remember beginning to think about using a phonecam in a more concentrated and excuse the pun focused way.

But the real reason I did this today I feel, is because I picked one of my books of Robert Adams' essays, and felt inspired to look back and see where I've been and think where I could possibly go.

In the past I have talked at length about why, what and how I do what I do, Mr Adams, sums it up far more succinctly than I ever could.§

*Attention only to perfection, however, invites eventually for urban viewers — which means most of us — a crippling disgust; our world is in most places far from clean. Photographs that suggest an Arcadian landscape are recognisable from the city dweller's perspective as partial visions, and they make us uneasy. We feel defencelessness against what we will encounter on the street. How can trees in a National Park save us from the concrete-and-glass brutalities of a BIG city? The answer is, in simple emotional terms at least, that they cannot; to be reminded of the trees makes city streets seem worse.

*page 104, 'Beauty in Photography Essays in Defence of Traditional Values'

§ The actual place names have been changed/removed, to better contextualise it, both were recognisable as American.

April 26, 2009

Canon Eos 40D

Currently testing a new camera for work.

Current list of likes at the moment:

  • two, yes 2 types of histogram available, being a 2 mere button presses away
  • fast, AND quiet
  • thumb-wheel at the back of the body for aperture and separate one for shutter at front of camera, can be used to over and under expose in Av & Tv modes
  • simple menu set up
  • weight/feel, this is a real camera.
Current dislikes, not many at the moment
  • focusing/focus lock, I had to read the manual to work out how to use it, not bad, but not good in my opinion.
  • Lens, light and plastic feeling, focus seems too, touchy and fine, crucial at wide aperture.

After using the camera on and off, over the last few weeks, I'm very impressed, it seems simple to use and operate, I guess if I had some spare cash, I'd buy one. When trying to make some teaching aids for a class about exposure I did notice however some differences between [in density] 1.8 and the other apertures I used, but never got to the bottom of it.

April 30, 2009


I am very pleased to announce that altfotonet.org now has an ISSN,[ International Standard Serial Number]. This means that the National Library of Australia recognises it as a serial publication, and may at some point in the future add it to it's archive, Pandora's box.

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