CONVERSATIONS - a three part series of photographic dialogue.

Toshihiro Oshima & Velco Dojcinovski present:
CONVERSATIONS - a three part series of photographic dialogue.

Part 1: The Absinthe Dream (Melbourne, Australia)

CONVERSATIONS is a three-part series of a photographic visual dialogue between photographers Toshihiro Oshima and Velco Dojcinovski. The complete series of visual dialogue will be progressively shown in 3 different cities around the world over 3 years, each highlighting a different photographic story. Overlayed with a bonding and comforting mood the photographs of the series glimpse into the similarities and differences of the cultures and styles of both photographers, aiming to weave a visual symphony of moods and tales


Part 1: The Absinthe Dream is the opening chapter of the series and follows the green dreams of a woman at the end of a long city night. The photographs depict her disturbed and abstract glimpses of memory and subconsciousness, the city she lives in and the people she's been with, breaking away into a bright daydream. Photographed in Melbourne, Tokyo and throughout Asia and Europe in 2008 and 2009, the photographers exclusively used traditional and analogue equipment and a wide range of mediums.

CONVERSATIONS Part 1: The Absinthe Dream will be showing at
McCulloch Gallery, 8 Rankins Lane Melbourne,
Friday March 13th - Sunday March 22nd

More information?

Velco, is one of the Melbourne Flickrati, and a contact of mine. I will visit the show, and possibly report back.

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