More Free Software

More Free photo editing software available on the market, thanks the social networking tool, twitter, and

.: Sumo Paint :.

What never ceases to a amaze me is that with the interface which is so so similar to Adobe's soon to be extinct, and almost irrelevant Dinosaur, how do the makers of this software get away with it?

This software however seems squarely aimed at the web/design market with an emphasis on web design as the colour pickers and system seems limited hexadecimal input. Still I'm always glad to see the 'spirit' of the early computer days kept alive by these free offerings. Uploading is easy once yo work where and how, but I've been unable to save images to the account I created, and a couple of the duds I uploaded won't delete either?

Like so many of these apps there is a social element as well. Which is great, but is the world ready for more social websites?

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