Cheap Hi Resolution Scans

In, 2007 I had a, solo show which was scanned and printed at VCA, they now offer these services to anyone. While their print service, in terms of cost, may not be for everybody, their scanning services are, in my opinion. To the best of my knowledge, C>Lab is only one of two places in Melbourne that offer 16 bit tiff scans, at a reasonable price. From their website,

The C>Lab now offers its digital photographic services to artists and fine art photographers working outside of the Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts at The University of Melbourne. The C>Lab provides a consultative-based service to clients who require a more personalised approach to their print/artwork production. Whether it be a one-off print or an entire exhibition C>Lab can provide you with what you need.

Their blog too maybe worth watching for up and coming interesting art work.

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