In the depths of summer holidays here and after extensive discussions with Gary, on both flickr and his blog, and mine, I've managed to the find the energy to pick up the idea of publishing work in cyberspace, again using, this time with a slightly different approach.
Flickr is a deep and exponentially expanding resource, why not tap into that? Which I have now decided to do. Gary has also come on aboard as an editor, and his background combined with the other editors, will hopefully produce some fine examples of what people are doing out there in the big wide world.
The selection process therefore has changed now, either, use your existing or new flickr account to apply, [then join the companion pool], or alternatively go down the email path, both are now outlined on the submissions page.
I hope to have the inaugural issue up and running by the end of this month, warm weather and a boozy busy social life permitting.
The next stage of the plan is to apply for ISSN, but we need a minimum of one issue to apply and I feel 2 would be grounds for an even more solid application.

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