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Collection and organisation of information has never been more important, in this, the potential, pre-censorship era of Australian internet use. I have an account on delicious, while this is not the most feature rich of these tools, it more than serves my purpose of keeping track of interesting information I find in my travels, but of course, not only keeping track, also, organised as well, in a powerful and intuitive way.

Now I also use an application with it's own bookmarklet that ties in nicely with delicious account with out leaving the page I'm reading in any way. It is called pukka.

Sure, delicious has it's own bookmarklet, but pukka's is so effortless and so non obtrusive I wish I'd found it earlier.

Worth every cent of the $16.99 US I paid for it.

Here's a brief list of the other tools I can't live without.

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