Free WiFi Hotspots in Melbourne's CBD

This year I got an iPod touch for my birthday. As a handheld note taker, organiser, calendar, address book, & mp3 player it is more than useful. If I can get free wi-fi while out and about using it, it moves into a whole other league. So it's a bit of a challenge for me to find free wi-fi when out and about.

Before today, Fed Square, the SLV, were the 2 spots I knew existed. Today; I discovered a service called Tomizone, that will provide 500 mg of free wi-fi a month, until the end of 2008, which ever comes first, for your iPod or iPod touch.

Here is a map of the locations in the CBD where it exists.

Locate Wi-Fi Hotspots - Tomizone
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Of course there's places like Joe's Garage in Brunswick st. Fitzroy that has it as well, the itunes store has a free app to locate free wi-fi as well, and there is this website that lists it too.

McDonalds, features heavily on this site, not sure if you can just sit down and start using it though?

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