Digital TV?

I am in the process of researching digital TV options, for home.

While I have high hopes for communities like youtube eventually usurping conventional TV. I am more than pleased the way choices are expanding in the areas of digital content.

my options seem to be at this stage; Apple TV, a PVR, or Tivo.

Finding the pros and cons between the 3 have not been easy.

Apple TV for example is really only a digital media centre. Adding a tuner though brings it close to a useful tool for watching content you've chosen to watch, when you want to watch it. PVRs and Tivo's I need to look a little closer at, one thing it seems, only Apple TV offers access to flickr AND youtube.

Part of the research involved going to the Apple store in Moonee Ponds where I got some great help from a chap called Asandrio [sp?]. While I was there, playing around with the Apple TV, I got to look at my flickr stream on a huge Plasma monitor, as well as listen to epsiode 1 of the scream. All round somewhat surreal experience.

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