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December 1, 2008

Poking Around...

...on the internetwebs, looking for answers about the word mophone, as opposed to phonecam, I came across this little gem from wired

[From Skid Row Photography Club Uses Donated Cameras to Make Street Art | Gadget Lab from Wired.com]

I also discovered this pearl of historical wisdom, is there a way forward?

December 2, 2008


Springfield gets an Apple store.

Gallery 124

Has closed it's doors.

The building was recently purchased by an adjoining business. Chris and Paul then had no option but to move on.

Thanks for the opportunities you two, it's a sad day for Sunshine, hopefully we will see you set up again somewhere around the west soon?

gallery 124
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Flickrverse Official Flickr T-shirt

Go on spend up big; you know you want to.

[From buy the Flickrverse Official Flickr T-shirt at The Photojojo Store]

or not

December 6, 2008

Free WiFi Hotspots in Melbourne's CBD

This year I got an iPod touch for my birthday. As a handheld note taker, organiser, calendar, address book, & mp3 player it is more than useful. If I can get free wi-fi while out and about using it, it moves into a whole other league. So it's a bit of a challenge for me to find free wi-fi when out and about.

Before today, Fed Square, the SLV, were the 2 spots I knew existed. Today; I discovered a service called Tomizone, that will provide 500 mg of free wi-fi a month, until the end of 2008, which ever comes first, for your iPod or iPod touch.

Here is a map of the locations in the CBD where it exists.

Locate Wi-Fi Hotspots - Tomizone
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Of course there's places like Joe's Garage in Brunswick st. Fitzroy that has it as well, the itunes store has a free app to locate free wi-fi as well, and there is this website that lists it too.

McDonalds, features heavily on this site, not sure if you can just sit down and start using it though?

December 7, 2008

Web Directions North

I personally won't be attending, but if any of my readers are interested, and go, say hi to John for me.

[at Web Directions North]

Using the web as a kind of easily accessible tool for all kinds of publishing is a secret passion of mine, I 'met' John, an Australian developer who makes Stylemaster in my early research on web design and have contunued to use his tool. His involvement in the web standars project, convinced me of the importance of CSS, and web standards. John's software has made that transition smoother, and deepened my understanding of CSS and how to use it.

December 10, 2008

Can someone please explain this?

How To Use a Fucking Camera (Part 1) from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

December 14, 2008

Rinko Kawauchi Diary a mophone book

A Japanese Artist who uses a phonecam to create diaries

Rinko Kawauchi Diary

I plan on adding a 3rd book of phonecam photography to my slowly evolving series over the holidays, too.

December 12, 2008

Flickr Stories

December 14, 2008

Digital TV?

I am in the process of researching digital TV options, for home.

While I have high hopes for communities like youtube eventually usurping conventional TV. I am more than pleased the way choices are expanding in the areas of digital content.

my options seem to be at this stage; Apple TV, a PVR, or Tivo.

Finding the pros and cons between the 3 have not been easy.

Apple TV for example is really only a digital media centre. Adding a tuner though brings it close to a useful tool for watching content you've chosen to watch, when you want to watch it. PVRs and Tivo's I need to look a little closer at, one thing it seems, only Apple TV offers access to flickr AND youtube.

Part of the research involved going to the Apple store in Moonee Ponds where I got some great help from a chap called Asandrio [sp?]. While I was there, playing around with the Apple TV, I got to look at my flickr stream on a huge Plasma monitor, as well as listen to epsiode 1 of the scream. All round somewhat surreal experience.

End of analogue TV is in Sight

According to this article on the DV-B site, digital broadcasting will come online in 2009. This explains the ad on Tele at the moment that is promoting freeview.

Analogue Switch Off plans released.

[From DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting - Australia]

Will there be more choices, I suspect not, I doubt the the mainstream has really learned anything from the internet and places like youtube.

December 15, 2008

Dime a Dozen

Photo-sharing and selling sites are coming out of the woodwork it seems?

Haven't had a good look yet at this one, but, it has a distinct devaintart feel about it.

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December 16, 2008

Pukka & Other Tools

Collection and organisation of information has never been more important, in this, the potential, pre-censorship era of Australian internet use. I have an account on delicious, while this is not the most feature rich of these tools, it more than serves my purpose of keeping track of interesting information I find in my travels, but of course, not only keeping track, also, organised as well, in a powerful and intuitive way.

Now I also use an application with it's own bookmarklet that ties in nicely with delicious account with out leaving the page I'm reading in any way. It is called pukka.

Sure, delicious has it's own bookmarklet, but pukka's is so effortless and so non obtrusive I wish I'd found it earlier.

Worth every cent of the $16.99 US I paid for it.

Here's a brief list of the other tools I can't live without.

December 18, 2008

DIY Santa & The Commons

Santa?The Guardian Newspaper, from the UK has a flickr group, dedicated to 'interpretations' of Santa.

Flickr: DIY Santa
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"The Commons"

A couple of days ago, The NYPL, joined the commons on flickr, one of the series of images they've added is from a body of work taken by a federal employee on Ellis Island, Looking at this work, and thinking about photography in "general" and in particular flickr, has anything changed, in the last 100 or so years?

December 21, 2008

One year ago today

Footscray Melbourne Victoria Australia 2007:12:19 12:47:49

Seems PT, is a common feature in my life this time of year?

December 23, 2008


When asked who a certain photograph was of, the owner replied,

"I have neither sister nor brother, but my mother's daughter is the man mother"

Who was in the photograph?

I will answer by e-mail to those who can't work it out.

More Smiles

Love this response when commenting on Gary's blog, junk for code.

Junk for Code: Comment Pending
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December 29, 2008

End of another year

While getting my 'back home and catching up dose of blogging' this morning, I came across, a piece by Joerg Colberg about wish lists. While I'm no fan of Holiday/New Years lists, I was quite surprised to see that we agreed on several points.

Of course we disagreed on several as well, but that's for another discussion.

On the off chance Mr Colberg reads this entry, here's my response to "truly self-published photography books", [my free e-books have been available for some time and I hope to produce another this summer]. As for his thoughts on vernacular photography, I guess my approach, doesn't have enough portraits to count as vernacular? Some food for thought, there too though, I mean what exactly is vernacular photography, and exactly what is it in the 21st Century, is there even a difference?

But the point I want to discuss here is his wish for less typologies in 2009. How serendipitous! I have been thinking about this stuff for a while too.

Over the years I've watched with amusement and fascination several 'trends' come and go in the art/photography scene here in Melbourne, I'm sure there are others who can cite more trends as my professional creative photographic practice only began in the late 80's.

In the late 80's in Melbourne, Australia, it was all about sculpture & Photography, it seemed at the time to get a show, your work had to have some sculptural component to it. Then there was the Starn Twins. Everybody seemed to be using all sorts of materials and processes to get their point across. The early 90's saw the backlash against the beginnings of digital, which to a certain extent continues today, so work was 'obviously' analogue, not unlike, Joel Peter Witkin's work.

Lately there's been a challenge by the documentarians, and the artisans, over what is is a document and what is art. The current state of play now seems to me to be large scaled works, emphasis on large, that have an element of documentary and are usually some form of typology.

What has happened to the elements of surprise and surrealism that photography seems so good at?

Frederick Sommer, my favourite artist of the 20th and so far the 21st Centuries, understood this really well. He saw the connections between, art and life so well and vividly, he understood the camera's ability to lie and misrepresent, he understood, how to pose questions gracefully elegantly and deeply.

Perhaps, post-modernism's reach still manages to stifle notions of poetry and mysticism, amongst many other things? Or perhaps a down side to the democratisation of photography by digital is that the time required to examine and contemplate is discouraged, by the process itself, and hence less thought about the 'potential' meaning of a photograph?

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