Popped in to read some blogs via newsfire, my news reader, when I hit Jörg Colberg's weblog, he recently wrote an article about, W. Eugene Smith. What was interesting was that a lot of Mr. Smith's work is being hosted by Google allowing easy access to a large number of his images.

I recently purchased a book called Dialogue with Photography ,a series of interviews on some of the photographic movers and shakers from the 20th century. W. Eugene Smith's article was the 2nd I read after Henry Holmes Smith. Both passionate about their chosen paths, Henry Holmes Smith a passionate educator as well. While I find, W. Eugene Smith's most renowned work interesting and inspirational, I find Henry Holmes Smith's work more engaging. The two essays amplified this, and reading between the lines of the essay about W. Eugene Smith, there's an implied notion of modernist "truth" that no longer sits very well with me.

In unrelated news, I'm hoping to check the Gursky show next week, and thanks to Gary on Junk for code, I'm going to check it out with a renewed vigour.

Finally, this in from 3thousand a small street e-mag.

As much as we hate to use this word... CRISIS! Melbourne's artist-run galleries have been getting rather large rent hikes inserted into their rectums recently. And it's time for us all to adjust our perspectives, because if we don't start doing more than drinking free goon at launches of a Thursday night there'll be no more launches to drink goon at.

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