Guzzle it, and other exhibitions

The photography show at Workshop, runs till the 14th of December.

While we're on the subject of photography and art exhibitions, it's the crazy time of year for art and photography shows as all the graduates from the major art schols are showing around town.

VCA, are showing at the VCA gallery, RMIT Fine Art graduating students are showing at the Brunswick st Gallery, the First Year Students next month Tuesday 2nd December 2008, 6-8pm @ Hogan Gallery, 310 Smith Street, Collingwood just to mention a couple.

Then of course we have the Gursky show at NGVi, and Rennie Ellis at Ian Potter, which I've briefly looked at already, a great historical and social document.

The Rennie Ellis show was somewhat timely this year, several students used a similar approach with a more personal focus in their folios, but what I really found interesting about that was that they predominantly used film. Food for thought—when I get time, some time ANY time!

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