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Through the vagaries of hyper-linking I found this site called Photo-shelter.

photosheler public page
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This site has a more commercial bent to it than flickr and other sites I've compared., it aims to sell 'stock' photographs. I've created an account and have been poking around for a few hours. While it doesn't have the smooth and intuitive, albeit flash driven feel of flickr, it's not bad. There maybe some social networking aspects to the site, but I've yet to find them. Which makes sense the site is about selling images.

Their up-loader on the other hand is not my liking, nor suited to my style of organising imagery. A beautiful tool is a sight to behold, and a joy to work with, this is none of those. If I am to spend extensive amounts of time using a tool, I'd prefer if it was elegant simple to use and had some sense of visual logic to it.

photoshelter uploader interface
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