Trafiic Jams Footy Fever and Weather

Friday, we had some rare rain. It's footy finals here, with all it's related insanity, traffic is usually at its worst on ANY given froidee.

What has this to do with Photography, I hear my dear reader/s ask? The long slow drive home allowed me to shoot over 100 frames on my VQ1005. The drive usually 45-60 minutes on a good day, took nearly 2 hours. [I'd left my mophone at home, so used it instead.]

It handled the colours well given the somewhat lowered contrast. Timing as always is tricky with these cameras, but managed to fluke a couple of good ones.

This shot of the taxi, turning the corner is one, I love trying to add these cars to images made in the CBD. The splash of yellow can lift the rest of the colours really well. Sadly given my new upload system to flickr, it maybe months begore any other see the light of day. Perhaps I'll add a couple to my iperntiy account?

IMG 3533_jam

This map gives a rough indication of the state of affairs, norally 3 to 5 minutes through this area.

Google MapsUploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Term break is here; so far I've a bit of analogue film to process and proof, that is going to be the focus of the break, I really want to be able to exploit the light this time of year, and a 2 week window may just be enough. Not that I'm working on anything new at the moment.

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