Photography is not Dead.

Way back in the mid 90's when the internet sprang into the public consciousness, many many folks predicted the death of books and magazines and as a consequence photography that drove these industries. Here we are 10 years alter and magazine shelves are brimming with more titles than ever, the computer publishing industry has exploded providing books on all manner of topics that people want to read and learn about. High resolution digital cameras are now only outnumbered by mobile devices that have a camera built-in. Sites like flickr have sprung into existence, along with publishing tools like blogger.

This morning this article turned up in my news-reader. an article interviewing the DOP for one of America's largest magazines, one I've NOT read in many years, Reader Digest.

I took great hope in this quote

There are those who forecast that the web will ultimately replace print. Not having a crystal ball, I think the mediums will both remain valid and offer different experiences for quite some time.

Indeed why does the question need to be so digital.

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