Flickr & Usability

Flickr recently changed the way the front page works. Historically I would begin using the site from my own bookmarked page, then, using tabs, work my way around comments I'd made followed by comments left by others, then check the activity in the groups, I'm involved in.

All this is neatly encapsulated in one page now with nice drop down areas, using the ubiquitous triangles people are so used to seeing on computers these days. I can now do much more, using this interface, more easily and more frequently.

Welcome to Flickr!
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Perhaps a BAD thing for me? [I keep promising myself to spend less time in there.]

If I was to level one criticism at this otherwise smart move, it would the inability to change back to the old page, personally no biggy but I know others have been a bit miffed by this issue.

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