The Anti-Football League
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Silly season is upon us. Yes it's the end of the football season. This year there are posters all over town, banners, ads on TV, plus the usual mainstream guff in things like the newspapers. Maybe it's my imagination, but the in-ya-face component of the sport seems to be getting worse each year. This prompted me to think of an organisation from many years that used to even get a mention in the Herald Sun, the A.F.L, no not THAT A.F.L, the Anti Football League. Way back before I even picked up a camera, I knew of and admired this organisation. A quick 'google' this morning shows me that it has recently been revived. I am very pleased. I will be signing up straightaway.

I mean who can resist, with this sort of information..

Regardless of the criticism, badges were sold at an alarming rate and the inaugural Douglas Wilkie medal was awarded to then Prime Minister Harold Holt. By July 1967, less than two months after the AFL was conceived, it had more members than the Collingwood Football Club, the largest in the VFL

You should join too!

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