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I've been involved in a variety of capacities education and photography since the late 80's from student to educator and back.

Photography competition flyers seem arrive almost on a daily basis, at my work these days. Is this a growing phenomenon? Why do companies chase student images? As an educator I have mixed feelings about these competitions.

Sure the right competition, can have benefits for both *all* concerned, but i still feel that the students are the under dogs in these situations. and winning a new camera is a nice incentive, but surely the company running the competition saves more on chasing down stock images by offering up a prize to struggling and wide eyed students.

This competition, [] for example is run by a company called the roving eye, and strikes me as nothing more than a cheap lazy grab at building a stock library of images?

Here's rule #6.9 from the competitions website.

6.9 A condition of the holiday prizes for the Overall Winner of the Photo Essay, Overall Winner of the Single Shot and Overall Winner of the Young Australian Photographer of the Year, is that all holiday experiences are required to be photographed for RovingEye, and will be made available at no charge for once-only future editorial publication within Australian Traveller magazine, Outer Edge Magazine and A&K Magazine. All photographs will be credited to the photographer. The photographer will receive a 50% royalty payment on any future sales.

Does anyone know of anybody who has used a competition to advance their careers?

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