Clifford Ross

Clifford Ross, an interesting discovery, thanks to reading Conscientious, his silver Gelatine work from the late 90's reminds me of Misrach's early work, using silver gelatine

What's kind of ironic too is that the only reason i launched my news reader, was because I just downloaded a news reader to my new iPod touch.

Technology has been bristling around the house of late, a new iPod and a new Phone all in the same month.

The iPod, went on holidays with us, and when ever I could find wi-fi for free I used the internet. The 2 hotels we stayed in Thailand did in fact have it, so for a few days, I didn't miss too much at all. The new phone, is really a camera with a phone attached, and I kind of feel guilty using it. At 5 mega-pixels the camera may even furnish some real prints?

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