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I've created a new site. This site is a photographic art site, and will showcase the best photographic art work being produced on the net. It will have a peer based review process and publish twice a year.

The premise behind altfotonet is this; historically, fine art photography has been, and continues to be exhibited in galleries, some state run, some commercially run, with several hardcopy publications to support 'the system'. These organisations simply use the web to advertise what they are doing.

The state run galleries justify their budgets, by putting a process of selection in place. This process requires LENGTHY written applications. As far as I can tell, these applications, need to fit into the current school of art thought. This then meets the needs and demands of the publicly funded art scene, resulting exhibitions that fit some notion about relevancy, for the galleries.

Commercial galleries are only interested in work that sells, or is easily sellable.

Fast forward to 2004, flickr comes into existence, photography has become even more democratised than George Eastman could have ever hoped, through the cheapness, availability and quality of digital devices. Sites like and flourish. These sites prove that academia has become its own worst enemy, people, are making images using unique ideas and approaches, without the need to be "published/exhibited".

This new site aims to address this. It aims to filter the noise of sites like flickr and deviantart, which have plenty of talent out there, and allow the best to be given a venue to be recognised by people who know good images and ideas when they see them, but not have the academic hurdles in place of the state owned and run galleries.

Will it succeed, I don't know? I do plan however on giving it a go for a few years to see what happens, hence the bi-annual aspect. The reviewers are people I've met in real life and on the net, we all have similar approaches and outlooks to image making.

One thing I am not sure of, I probably am alone on altfotonet, in being the only one who feels that there is some level of subversiveness left in the web that justifies the existence of such a site.

So if yo have an idea you want published online in an online gallery such as this, pop over the submit page and find out how to submit a proposal.

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