lens culture: Beth Lilly

This woman, a fortune teller uses her mophone to help with her readings. But interestingly she claims,

...that being forced to stop at anytime anywhere to make three photos on the spot seems to have sharpened her eye as a photographer.

[From lens culture: Beth Lilly]

Well duh!

Now don't get me wrong I can be as sceptical as the next person, and I put very little faith in "fortune tellers" and the like. Lilly's results presented as triptychs, with some text elevate the images to another level of appreciation; however. They also piggyback onto the idea that, serendipity stills plays a major part in image making using lens. This is an underlying premise behind my series, "Neo-Documentary... aka...this is a photo of something, and it proves nothing".

Of course time and a level of alertness are required to produce major bodies of work this way, but hey most of us have 60+ years to explore prod and "see", don't we?

* Thanks to the ever lovely D for the heads up on the link.

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