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So; yesterday, I mentioned that I was beginning the annual process of applying for exhibitions. Today I feel the need to clarify a little.

The peak exhibiting body in Melbourne Victoria Australia, would be the NGV, either the International or the Ian Potter Centre. To have a solo exhibition in either place means you have been culturally accepted, [by the art system anyway and are usually invited]. To my mind there is a hierarchical system of galleries that operate beneath these 2 state owned enterprises. For art photographers, the next step down is the CCP, in this hierarchy. The CCP has a process in place whereby applications for the next year's shows must arrive by a due date, [this is what I meant by annual round of applications]. Under the CCP, is a myriad of smaller galleries some of which are also considered to be part of the larger hierarchy, there are too many to mention, but last year my solo show was at a well respected and established artist run space called Trocadero. I applied there, in 2006, after an unsuccessful application to the CCP in the same year.

In a nutshell the process is quite simple. Fill in some paperwork, scan/prepare some images and burn them to a CD, mail said paperwork and CD to a gallery and wait.

The image preparation is the easy part, for me anyway, the writing, well that's a whole other kettle of fish. Anyways, I had a successful day scanning yesterday, here's the results, now the editing and processing begins, once processed I will post to flickr.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

I would like to exhibit 20 prints 1 metre square, but at $150.00 per print, plus GST, I'll be pushing it to make 10, and that's if I get a show at the CCP.The CCP actually pays you to exhibit. The other galleries in the system fall into two loose categories. Artist Run and Commercial. Artist run spaces, usually charge a nominal fee for rental of the space, and require an application process, they may also take either a small commission fee or none at all. I may in all likelihood, also need to bear some of the costs of exhibiting, such as invitations and catering on the opening night. Commercial galleries, need to want to exhibit you, or rather, you need to convince them they want you. They then exhibit you for free, but take very high commissions.

So if I don't get a show at the CCP, it will be one of the galleries further down the scale, which, depending on the gallery will have varying costs that I will need to bear, and will most likely be an artist run space.

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