I wish I was in Arizona

Right now!

Currently the CCP in Arizona, is having an exhibition that has pertinent points to be made about the current state of photographic art.

A little known fact amongst amateur photographers is that the way photography is perceived is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of the medium, way way back, last century, in 1930, there were 2 types of art photography, Pictorialism, and Straight Photography.

The CCP in Arizona is holding an exhibition that attempts to revive the debate that surrounded the 2 styles.

This is the first exhibition to provide a substantial consideration of the group since 1992, and is unique in its inclusion of pictorialist examples to illustrate the debate.

Some great work on show for sure, but I can only wonder how that kind of debate would be handled in this day and age, of phone-cameras, out selling DSLR's and internet forums bursting with opinions?

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