Application Time

Yes folks, it's that time of year, where I poke and prod all my proof sheets, put on my thinking cap and start the annual round of gallery applications, [starting with the CCP] . This year, it's the maps series. Having found a commercial scanner that scans the way I want format bit depth and with a good quality scanner, I'll be able to afford a whole series of high end scans, which I'll then then print as I can afford them.

But first, a basic edit of the low rez scans, on my work's Epson 1680, to get an idea of what I want to put in the application/s, so I can then decide what I finally want to exhibit. In this day and age of electronic organisation, why not use the notes feature in

*The list below; is first looks, and as a rule these first look lists are always overly ambitious.

Scan List 2008.04.01
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