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April 1, 2008

Been There Done that

Tell the truth now!

The Political Compass - Test
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Application Time

Yes folks, it's that time of year, where I poke and prod all my proof sheets, put on my thinking cap and start the annual round of gallery applications, [starting with the CCP] . This year, it's the maps series. Having found a commercial scanner that scans the way I want format bit depth and with a good quality scanner, I'll be able to afford a whole series of high end scans, which I'll then then print as I can afford them.

But first, a basic edit of the low rez scans, on my work's Epson 1680, to get an idea of what I want to put in the application/s, so I can then decide what I finally want to exhibit. In this day and age of electronic organisation, why not use the notes feature in mail.app?

*The list below; is first looks, and as a rule these first look lists are always overly ambitious.

Scan List 2008.04.01
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April 2, 2008

Some Clarification

So; yesterday, I mentioned that I was beginning the annual process of applying for exhibitions. Today I feel the need to clarify a little.

The peak exhibiting body in Melbourne Victoria Australia, would be the NGV, either the International or the Ian Potter Centre. To have a solo exhibition in either place means you have been culturally accepted, [by the art system anyway and are usually invited]. To my mind there is a hierarchical system of galleries that operate beneath these 2 state owned enterprises. For art photographers, the next step down is the CCP, in this hierarchy. The CCP has a process in place whereby applications for the next year's shows must arrive by a due date, [this is what I meant by annual round of applications]. Under the CCP, is a myriad of smaller galleries some of which are also considered to be part of the larger hierarchy, there are too many to mention, but last year my solo show was at a well respected and established artist run space called Trocadero. I applied there, in 2006, after an unsuccessful application to the CCP in the same year.

In a nutshell the process is quite simple. Fill in some paperwork, scan/prepare some images and burn them to a CD, mail said paperwork and CD to a gallery and wait.

The image preparation is the easy part, for me anyway, the writing, well that's a whole other kettle of fish. Anyways, I had a successful day scanning yesterday, here's the results, now the editing and processing begins, once processed I will post to flickr.

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I would like to exhibit 20 prints 1 metre square, but at $150.00 per print, plus GST, I'll be pushing it to make 10, and that's if I get a show at the CCP.The CCP actually pays you to exhibit. The other galleries in the system fall into two loose categories. Artist Run and Commercial. Artist run spaces, usually charge a nominal fee for rental of the space, and require an application process, they may also take either a small commission fee or none at all. I may in all likelihood, also need to bear some of the costs of exhibiting, such as invitations and catering on the opening night. Commercial galleries, need to want to exhibit you, or rather, you need to convince them they want you. They then exhibit you for free, but take very high commissions.

So if I don't get a show at the CCP, it will be one of the galleries further down the scale, which, depending on the gallery will have varying costs that I will need to bear, and will most likely be an artist run space.

Shepherd's Warning

Red Sky in the morning.

This morning's sunrise, make the most of it folks, daylight saving ends next weekend.


April 8, 2008

World of Ends...

...or why I love the internet.

Perhaps companies that think they can force us to listen to their messages — their banners, their interruptive graphic crawls over the pages we're trying to read — will realize that our ability to flit from site to site is built into the Web's architecture. They might as well just put up banners that say "Hi! We don't understand the Internet. Oh, and, by the way, we hate you."

[From World of Ends]

Go Rageboy!

April 9, 2008

A Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend, it was good to catch up the other day. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with me. I've always been interested in others journey's down the photographic creative path, and to all intents and purposes yours is going admirably well. Like all journeys involving exploration and "discovery" there are bound to be days of euphoric highs, and of course deep black lows. This path will be lonely and at times densely populated, sometimes by others on the same journey, other times by folks sitting on the side of the road. Those sitting may offer advice.

"..it's already been done"
"...your old stuff is better than your new stuff"
"...get a life"
"no one will be interested in, or buy that"

Notice I said sitting by the path?

Why are they there? Perhaps they had good intentions to begin with, and just got exhausted. Perhaps the prospect of a never ending journey frightened them, perhaps the chance that they MAY just succeed was to frightening for them to contemplate? I can't speak for these other people, I do know that the journey will never end for many, myself included, and that is what makes it so attractive; to me. Having a purpose to use our eyes and share what we see is one of the best reasons I can think for getting out of bed each day.

Photography is a wonderful craft full of exciting possibilities and potential. It can used to record and document, to interpret, to create. You can choose to explore ideas, or wander the world camera in hand hoping to catch that one that got away. And like all crafts it will takes many many years to 'master'. When I say craft, I don't just mean the technical fiddling, f-stops shutter speeds, choice of lenses, or cameras. I mean truly appreciating the full power and impact of what a photographic image is capable of. Historically, culturally, philosophically. Learning these things won't happen overnight,you can accelerate the learning by enrolling in a college dedicated to photography though, and appreciating them and understanding them will take a lifetime. A lifetime of dedicated study, thought and questioning, above all questioning.

After we spoke recently, I remembered Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo and Juliet. I had just begun full-time teaching when it was released. It was an old story re-told, in a refreshing and interesting way, and I'm sure English teachers the world over breathed a sigh of relief. This is what artists do, retelling an old stories in new and exciting ways. Artists understand their own humanity, well, and they live in and understand their own culture just as well. Sharing and re-telling is how many artists do what they do so successfully, tapping into those ideas that appeal to so many folks in a profound and intriguing way is your biggest challenge, dare I say, a lifelong task, but a worthy one no less.

Put on your hiking boots, pack a bag with some film, some memory cards, a couple of cameras, and a tripod, and get out there; the light is always gorgeous.

Flickr's cultural reach expands

The Power house Museum is participating in a flickr tagging project, awesome!

[From “I love a sunburnt country…” « Flickr Blog]

And now Video as well!!

Flickr Video?

Seems there are still some teething problems with the new flickr video

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April 10, 2008


You suck at Photoshop

And a board for advanced Photoshop users, isn't the interwebs a wonderful thing!

April 13, 2008

Photography techniques:

Exposure times, aperture settings and film speed… or; everything in photography is a trade off.

[From Photography techniques: Exposure times, aperture settings and film speed]

April 15, 2008

HeadOn 2008


Recently I submitted some work for consideration for a competition, HeadOn. They charge $25.00 per head to submit an electronic version of your submission. According to my recently received e-mail the competiotn received over 2400 entries, by my calculations that's 60,000 bucks minimum, nice work if you can get it.

Should I have perhaps taken someone's advice and made an image of a person on the fringes of society, would that have upped my chances? I guess we'll never know.

April 17, 2008

Book Review...

...by someone else...

Review of the recently republished Robert Classic, "The Americans"

Two Thousand Odd Words on Robert Frank’s “The Americans”

[From 2point8]

April 18, 2008

Courtesy of Twitter: Kevin J. Miyazaki

This looks like an interesting project, certainly not a side of the corporate chains they want to portray.

[From Kevin J. Miyazaki Blog: four times fast]

Also check out Flack Photo, an interesting photo-blog, also by Kevin.

Last but by no means least, please visit my friend Eva on flickr, she is fairly new to computers and a total novice at social networking. Her work deserves MORE attention, IMHO.

April 19, 2008

I wish I was in Arizona

Right now!

Currently the CCP in Arizona, is having an exhibition that has pertinent points to be made about the current state of photographic art.

A little known fact amongst amateur photographers is that the way photography is perceived is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of the medium, way way back, last century, in 1930, there were 2 types of art photography, Pictorialism, and Straight Photography.

The CCP in Arizona is holding an exhibition that attempts to revive the debate that surrounded the 2 styles.

This is the first exhibition to provide a substantial consideration of the group since 1992, and is unique in its inclusion of pictorialist examples to illustrate the debate.

Some great work on show for sure, but I can only wonder how that kind of debate would be handled in this day and age, of phone-cameras, out selling DSLR's and internet forums bursting with opinions?

April 21, 2008

A correction

A day or so ago, I commented on an interesting project being undertaken in America that looked at desert corporate fast food stores.

Kevin Advises me that he is NOT the author of FlackPhoto, still an interesting blog nonetheless.

My Apologies to Kevin and Andy at FlackPhoto.

April 23, 2008

New Flickr Feature

So looks like an old feature re-positioned or a new feature altogether?Photo Sharing
One things for sure, it has a distinct youtube look and feel, and given the recent introduction of video on flickr, you've got to wonder what the staff at flickr HQ are thinking?
Photo Sharing 2
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April 24, 2008

YouTube - The Cycle of Art

sigh, this is too true

[From YouTube - The Cycle of Art]

April 27, 2008

Final 10

Finally got it down to 10 for my CCP submission this year, now, I've just got to write a whizz bang application and hey presto I'm in.

all maps psds 10 [5]
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April 29, 2008


Well, I was recently approached via flickr to test a Nokia N82 phone. It arrived today, and I like the look of it so far, except the keypad seems a little small for my big bloke fingers. Sadly the battery is low and I need an adaptor for the non Aussie Plug that came with the camera. Therefore it'll take a day or two for me to get up and running, there is one other issue is that I'll be relying on the built-in memory for the time being unless I can scrounge up an SD card from somewhere, it seems that my Sony Ericcson has a different type?.

The camera is feature packed, and I can't wait to try it out.

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