Backwards or Forwards?

Folio on my mind.

Recently, I talked about a subject I'm teaching this year; that I hadn't taught for some time. Folio, is what we call it a pic.

Well I'm glad I jotted down those few thoughts here, they will serve as a catalyst and reminder of what I hoped to achieve or at the least explore. You see, due to time-tabling issues and the several other logistical areas impeding the progress of the year, we are running behind, and as a consequence we have yet to run a formal class on the subject. When we finally do, week one will be simply be a, this what we are going to do, this is how we are going to do it and this is why we are going to do it sort of class, i.e. an introductory class.

Even so, as a further reminder, here's a bunch of other ideas I am hoping to explore in the class.

What can photography say? How can it say it? Why does it need to be said? Narrative, story and ideas can photography tell a story, and if so what story should it tell?

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