New Inkjet Paper

Just found out about this new inkjet paper that uses similar technologies as fibre based papers. One of the reasons I still use a darkroom is because of this paper type only being available as a wet process, it is called fibre based paper and uses a material called Bartya.

I've yet to get my hands on some but a reliable source is impressed, anyways from a website that sells the paper.

HARMAN PHOTO Professional Inkjet GLOSS FB Al Paper is a premium quality, nanoporous paper on a true photographic fibre base. It is designed to produce instant dry high quality images on a wide range of photo-dedicated inkjet printers, using dye or pigment inks. Uniquely the paper incorporates a layer below the ink-receiving layer called Baryta. Baryta is a special coating that is traditionally applied to fibre photographic paper base prior to coating with the emulsion layers. The technical benefits of this layer include greater detail and definition, extended tonal range, and excellent archival properties. In addition Baryta coated fibre papers have a unique look and feel which have become the standard for fine art photographers worldwide over the course of more than a century. The paper contains Alumina, which gives a high degree of glossiness, optical image density and vibrancy.

Can't wait to get my hands on some.

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