"...in the verticals of its smoke stacks, in the parallels of its car tracks, the square of its streets, the cubes of its factories, the arc of its bridges, the cylinders of its gas tanks"

This image, was almost ruined by the most basic of technical errors. Flare!

I had to apply some post production to bring the image back to life. In the world of film and larger format cameras a lens hood is a given, for me. The post helped but still didn't bring the image back to life. and a good crafts person, uses tools like photoshop to take the image some where else rather than rescue it.

This little digital camera of course has no built-in ability to add a lens hood. I guess a design issue that the camera manufacturers have to weigh up, after all there would be few amateurs who would consider moving into the position where the sun was so oblique.

I would like to see the facility to add a lens hood to any camera, to minimise these issues.

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