Human Rights Arts Festival


‘Apropos - Human Rights in Art’ brings together international, national and community based artists to explore how contemporary practice can articulate and illuminate issues of human rights.

Apropos presents a wide range of mediums and approaches used by contemporary artists to critically respond to current human rights issues and the role of art within that dialogue. Including collaborative and community based projects, Apropos actively engages with the broader community and facilitates the artistic expression of those directly affected by human rights violations.

The works in Apropos respond to a diverse range of human rights issues including freedom from discrimination, environmental issues, refugees, poverty, labour rights, indigenous issues, humanitarian conflict and freedom of expression.

Participating artists include:

  • Zehra Ahmed (NSW)
  • Clifford Charles (South Africa)
  • Claudia Del Fierro (Chile)
  • Juan Ford (VIC)
  • Alex Gibson (VIC)
  • Matthew Hunt (WA)
  • Raafat Ishak (VIC)
  • Ash Keating (VIC)
  • Deborah Kelly & Tina
  • Fiveash (NSW)
  • Andrew Mcqualter (VIC)
  • Leonardo Ortega (Chile)
  • Mark Hilton (VIC)
  • Scott Redford (QLD)
  • Christian Thompson (VIC)
  • Culture Kitchen Collective (ACT)
  • Gembel Collective (East Timor)
  • Taring Padi Collective (Indonesia)
  • StART Community Artists (VIC)
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
  • Community Art Project (VIC)

BUS Gallery 117 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne, Films Screening @ RMIT Capitol Theatre 113 Swanston St Melbourne.

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