Work Prints Gallery 124 X-mas Show

all in a dayze werk

Some work prints for an upcoming show at Gallery 124, 124 Hampshire Rd Sunshine. I'm planning on submitting these for the annual X-mas show. As first prints I'm pretty pleased with the results. They are actually from a larger series, one that has been in the pipe-works for 12 months already.

The 2 low key prints are on Ilford Multigrade, the 2 high-key prints are on my last packet of Forté.

All are developed in Ansco 120. A metol only soft and warm paper developer that I've been using for quite a few years now. A job I once did, paid me with Metol, thank god.

Definitely will be toning these, probably using sepia, on the high key shots, and selenium on the low key shots, I'm also planning on using bleach locally on the low key shots, looks like I've a few more Sundays to go before they will be ready.

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