Why Use a Phonecam?

If, photography is about, light, time & space, then the tool you use to capture these things should be immaterial. To my mind good craft is important but invisible. The tool of choice then would be a craft based decision, based on your final output. If the image never goes beyond the screen or small print or low resolution output like a newspaper then a low resolution device is perfect. What if however you actually want to go the next step and make a print or for that matter a large print, say bigger than A2?

Two megapixels isn't going to cut it, not even 5 megapixels. Big prints then are out of the question. Small prints or screen based work is all that will come out of these cameras, unless your intention is make some sort of statement about the tools themselves. So a phone-cam or small low-rez device is perfect if you don't plan on going beyond the screen or small prints. I feel these cameras are perfect for capturing brief fleeting moments, or for carrying around with you constantly in a ubiquitous manner. Sometimes you can even predict how these cameras are going to behave and produce interesting results

Throughout history, artists are often trying to distill their work down to it's essence. Photography is no exception, one way to do this is to remove all reliance on tools, and using a small CCD with only automatic controls is one step down this path.

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