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Currently I have a ridiculously large card in my VistaQuest camera. One gig to be exact. Why? All 3 of you ask, well it just happened to be the first card I had lying around, when I unpacked it from the parcel and started mucking around with it.

So as an experiment I was hoping to leave ALL the images on the card until it was full, I was copying files across regularly, but left them on the camera, in the beginning.

So, yesterday I was out and about soaking up the glorious spring sunshine with a shoulder bag full of gear and the only camera I couldn't use was the Vistaquest 1005. This had me perplexed for a while. The camera seemed to function, it just wasn't showing any signs of taking a photo, 3 horizontal bars, on the tiny screen at the back.

So I popped back home and deleted all bar the last image, hey presto back in business.

So, I guess for what ever reason, the camera isn't designed for that many images, irrespective of the card size in it.

As for battery consumption, these cameras DO chew through them. However, I've found that a Lithium battery gets about 400 - 500 [almost 2 weeks] shots out of it, and as the novelty slowly wears off the batteries should last longer.

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