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Sea Monkey Startup Screen

New Browser on the market folks, sea monkey. Check it out. Released, last month. yeah I know I know hardly cutting edge, but this ain't no technological blog ok?

Currently I use the following browsers in descending order of frequency, or have at least experimented with them:- Safari, Camino , Firefox, Flock, Opera

While I download it in the background I'll try and head all 3 of you off at the pass. Why so many browsers, I hear you ask, well, web design is a bit of a side interest of mine. Being able to view my work in ANY browser gives me a feel for how it MAY look elsewhere. Of course until I get a Macbook, sometime in 2008, I will need to rely on the kindness of other people I know who use PC's to surf the web.

SeaMonkey Preferences

On the surface nothing seems all that different from other versions of Netscape browsers, all the usual stuff like built-in e-mail, & news groups, and a html writer, called composer, 1996 anyone?

It can be dressed up with themes I see but the toolbar doesn't appear to be customisable at this stage, still I guess it's in early development so who knows?

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