LightZone 3

Just downloaded another photo editing application, called, LightZone. I haven't sussed it completely yet, but because,it edits, non-destructively, and in a way we see collour and light.

This from the website:-

LightZone is the only photo-editor that understands the way the eye sees color and light. Rather than editing pixels, LightZone edits photographic attributes, visually, live and 100% non-destructively.

Significantly reduces the time to perfect digital photographs

Delivers more predictable and precise results with less effort

Easier to learn and use than pixel-painting software

Features include:

  • Integrated RAW processing and Noise reduction Provides a seamless workflow from camera media to LightZone ZoneMapper™ Edits exposure values to improve detail and contrast
  • Re-light™ Improves image contrast with a single click
  • Regions™ Add unlimited selective editing to every tool
  • Complete tool set Sharpen, Blur, Hue/Saturation, Noise Reduction, White Balance, Spotting, Cloning, Red-eye removal and more

Screengrabs from the application.

LightZone Browse

lightzone edit

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